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Jan Sahara Cardiac Ambulance

24 Hours Emergency Ambulance Service in Mumbai

Jan Sahara Ambulance, we have been serving lives since decades in Mumbai. We come across medical cases and emergencies every day. We’re always on our toes when it comes to urgent medical attention.

We are the leading ambulance services across Mumbai.

In this pandemic situation, we have specialized COVID-19 only ambulances for the positive tested patients. We provide services 24x7, attend your urgent calls and make moves to reach your destination as quickly as possible.

Jan Sahara warriors are set on the borders even in these difficult times and assist you with the services at your comfort. We are available for you with a call back support and whatsapp emergency helpline number.

We always make sure to be prepared with the equipment and commitment. We are committed to your service with care and the best services in Mumbai. Our presence is spread out all over Mumbai, with being the fastest ambulance service in the city.

We have ample number of ambulances at your service with 24 hour ambulance services. We provide the assurance towards our services of making the Patient reach the Hospital from Home and vice versa. We also provide inter-city medical transfers or ambulances for events that we expertise in handling efficiently and prove effective to the same.

We have our skilled doctors and nurses running on the clock. Get the fastest aid possible with our ambulance services. Make a call and get our services at your home.

We specialize in transportation of critical patients with advanced life support and Cardiac ambulances at your service all over Mumbai. We are open to all the hospitals and services at one call.

We have all the advanced services and equipment to the latest upgrades which helps to stabilize patients and increase their chances of proper stability till we get to the hospital. The ICU ambulance, NICU ambulance and Cardiac ambulance are the most used ambulances we provide you to serve.

NICU ambulance for intensive care of premature and sick babies to make sure the babies are transported to the hospital in the nick of time. We provide the best ambulance service for transport and make way for a life to be enriched.

Cardiac Ambulance Services is a mobile ICU unit, which is at your service with all the necessary medical equipment services. It is a unit which provides you with all the advanced life support services. All the local hospitals, government hospitals and health care centres are provided with quick ambulance services.

We have an experienced and expertized team with MD Doctors, well trained nurses, paramedics and medical dispatchers who all have the area of excellence in the medical evacuation domain. We believe in your emergent needs and cater you with care.

Remember when you’re in any emergency you’re never alone, we got your back. Make a quick call or book online. We adjust according to your requirements. We are waiting to get in touch with you at your difficult times and help you with our low prices and affordable services.

We deal with care and a sense of life. We believe in reliable, fast and affordable services.

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