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Cardiac Ambulance Service

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Jan Sahara Ambulance is the best reliable ambulance provider when it comes to Cardiac Ambulance. It acts as a dependable source for Cardiac Ambulance necessities in Mumbai. We have the latest equipment to aid for intensive care while our way to shift or transport the patient from hospital to hospital or home to hospital.

We provide the initial medical care along injections and medicines with a first aid facility to the patient whilst it being an add on service. The on go reliable ambulance at cost effective rates with an expert team along with all the required latest life saving equipment is our forte. Our medical staffs are tuned and efficient for the exercise.

In these difficult times too, we stand by you and your families to stay safe and get treated on time without any delay in transport. We are available 24x7 hours over call support and also keep a track on the transport to give you the fastest route possible for the emergency.

In Cardiac emergency in your household or neighbouring place, don’t panic. We always stand by you when you reach out to us with a call or by online services. We ought to provide you with our best network of fully equipped life support Cardiac Ambulance Services in city Mumbai.

Our Cardiac emergency team is effective towards stabilizing the patient on the way before it reaches and hands over the patient to the hospital. We have affordable ambulance services with oxygen and ICU facilities all over Mumbai.

Our aim at Jan Sahara Ambulance Services is to provide safety and efficient transports to the patient in need and as quickly as possible. We stand on our quality and service mechanisms which are provided by our expert team members.

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Cardiac Ambulance Service
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