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Covid 19 Ambulance Services in Mumbai

The pandemic has resulted in thousands of people getting infected by corona virus (COVID-19) and has spread across communities leading to massive spread of infection. The shortage in hospital beds and transfers from hospital to hospitals within the city.

We stand on our principles of quality. The ambulances are a key parameter through which the virus could make a spread and can also infect people who put their life on the line for other patients. Thus we take special care to keep the ambulance safe with sanitization at regular intervals. Thus not also affecting patients' lives with non infected transport provided to the hospital and all over Mumbai.

We understand the seriousness of this pandemic and have made sure to have special ambulance transport services dedicated to those patients infected or suspected with COVID-19. The ambulance facilities we provide right now are ALS (without ventilators) and BLS (without ventilators).

We have trained professionals as our staff on the COVID-19 ambulance which includes drivers as well technicians. They are well informed about the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 as fever, difficulty in breathing and cough. They are well aware of the infection, its control practices and preventive measures along with the usage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits.

Technicians and drivers both will wear PPE kits once a patient is identified as a suspect or infected of COVID-19. Patient and the member will be provided with triple layer masks with gloves. Preventive measures as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquettes are made compulsory to be followed.

Before making the patient's way in the ambulance, the ambulance is fully sanitized. All the technicians and drivers are made to wear their special outfits along PPE kits. There is no way anyone is exposed to the infections and stays safe with the measures taken.

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