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24x7 Hours Emergency Ambulance Service in Mumbai

We provide separate Ambulance Services for life threatening conditions, Ambulance Emergency Services. Emergency is when every second is important. What if some accident occurs and people get seriously injured and get complications when they receive the treatment, scary right? The speedy services an ambulance can provide in emergency situations counts as a matter of fact with a keen line in between life and death. That person could have certain seconds and could be saved if the ambulance arrives on time or before it. For such emergencies Jan Sahara Emergency Ambulance is called.

We are a spread network throughout Mumbai which helps us to be more fast and efficient when it's a question of emergency. Our team is specially trained to be regarded as professionals in emergency cases.

Ambulance which is equipped with the latest instruments and medical care including oxygen and ICU facilities is what we are. The trained first aiders and skilled technicians along medical experts is what makes us a professional in this stream.

We can be regarded as ‘Life-Savers on Wheels’. Communication with the control room for traffic assistance, the ambulances and emergency facilities in hospitals is made effectively. Our assistance by experts on such emergency cases helps decrease risk and treat with first aid and medicinal care required.

Our ambulance for emergency consists of ECG, Cardiac Monitor, Medicines for emergency, Oxygen, Pulse Oximeter, Nebuliser, PaceMaker, Spine Board, Syringe Pump, Defibrillator and Portable Ventilator. As we tend to have almost a hospital setup it proves to be more helpful to treat people with complications and people who get seriously injured.

We at Jan Sahara Ambulance for Emergency truly believe in network and speed which can save a person’s life. We try our level best to offer services of good deeds. We handle it with care.

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